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Specialists in Hazardous Chemical Waste

Resource Recovery Transport and Storage Surplus Chemicals List
Chemsal provides a waste collection and disposal service. There is a strong emphasis on recycling and resource recovery where possible. A wide range of wastes are collected. Chemsal operates a fleet of specialised vehicles for the transportation of packaged chemicals and bulk liquid and bulk solid wastes. We also provide a storage service for EPA regulated chemicals. Chemsal provides as a free service, an online surplus chemicals list. This service in operation since 1981, is the major trading resource for obsolete chemical raw materials in Australia.
Hazardous Relocations Lamp Recycling
Paints and Solvents
Chemsal operates a specialist service for safely transporting laboratory chemicals as per the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

Chemsal provides a complete collection and resource recovery service for all types of lamps. Lamp Recycling typically includes the  traditional straight as well as the circular, U-shaped and coated fluorescents, high pressure mercury vapour (HIDs), high pressure sodium vapour (HIDs), metal halide, ultraviolet, voltaic arc, dichroic & compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

South Australian householders can recycle light globes for free

Chemsal uses an ultra high pressure densification device, known as Hazpak, to recover steel. Hazpak processes the packaging for recycling with the contents sent for reuse. Hazpak is also used to process oil filters, aerosols and gas cylinders
Toxfree, the proud owners of Chemsal is one of Australia’s leading integrated waste management and industrial services providers. With over 30 facilities nationally, Toxfree has a portfolio of treatment technologies and technical expertise to enable the cost effective remediation and treatment of a broad range of solid, liquid, industrial and hazardous wastes. Additionally, our onsite industrial services capabilities include vacuum loading, contaminated site remediation, high pressure water jetting, and emergency response services. To find out more about the Toxfree group, visit their website;